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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  August 17, 2010 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the governor pushing to steer more dollars towards mass transit. wjz is live at penn station where mike breaks down the critical election issue. >> reporter: there are stark differences between the two candidates, starting with governor o'malley who says m doesn't have enough land or room for new roads, he's pushing two big rail projects including one here in baltimore. >> at the center of the debate, how to best spend your tax dollars, billions and where they will be spent. both incumbent governor o'malley and his opponent have traded words over the transit. >> what are we to do? we have no choice but to stop using marc trains.
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>> i believe that there's a fine amount of land in our state, because we are already pretty develop, what we need to do is focus on mobility within the urban centers that means in and around the beltway and inside the city of baltimore. >> my chosen route is rapid bus. >> he says it would go to better use fixing the marc train system. >> this is what we can afor. this is unaforrability. this is what we can do in the short term.
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>> i never have used it >> it's built for the rich and the upper middle class without considering the ma majority of the people who use buses. reporting live at penn station, eyewitness news. thank you. o'malley says the administration boosts the funding. we want to update some breaking news from illinois. former illinois governor rod blagojevich is found guilty on a single charge against him he was found guilty of lying to federal agents. the judge says he wants to declare a mistrial on the other
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counts and he could face a retrial. he tried to sell president obama's senate seat when he was elected. we have some breaking news. over the scene of a serious car crash. police attempted to stop a vehicle, they spotted what they thought was a stolen car an attempted to stop the car up around north avenue when the suspect refused to stop and fled the scene. police were trying to get cars in the area. the suspect drove down park avenue at dolphin street and collided with one parked car and drove it into two other parked cars, the suspect jump out of the vehicle and fled. police were able to catch him. police remain on the scene.
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looks like park avenue at dolphin is closed as police conduct their investigation. >> thank you. baltimore police looking for answers after a body is discovered near a busy city street. live with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: police say a passer by first spotted the body around 8 8:30 this morning. it was lying at the bottom of a flight of stairs leading to a flower shop. there were no obvious signs of trauma on the body. the man's death has been classify as suspicious. police say they found an id on the man. so far the identity has not been released back to us. >> it's the second time in a week that the body has been discovered downtown. a body found in a dumpster last week. officers fire back at their
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boss. the outrage stems from recent criticism by the police commissioner about a spike of city violence. wjz is live downtown. adam may has more on the issue. >> reporter: this afternoon i spoke to a number of veteran officers who says mar moral is at its lowest. baltimore city's reduction in murders now threatened by spikes of violence. one reason according to the police, the performance of some patrol officers. >> we have to make sure that everybody is operating with that same degree of urgency. i'm not convinced of that right now. >> moral is at a tough point right now. >> reporter: the police union who put up this billboard critical of city leaders claims
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officers are under pay and overworked >> you can only expect that many arrests before you say enough is enough. >> last weekend 3 were killed and 10 hurt in shootings. teenage gang members suspected if a string of beatings and robberies. >> we is change the results of what is happening. these children don't have someone to come talk to. >> he runs a program for at- risk youth and believes they're missing the big picture >> with the closing of the reck centers, it's a high priority for us to be involved with these young people, they're crying out for help. >> the police union agrees. >> we expect a little more from the current mayor and the commissioner to make sure it's not just the police you look to blame, it's everyone else >>reporter: right now the
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police department has around 130 vacancies, they're working a lot of overtime. the commissioner plans to add more foot patrol and use for surveillance to crack down on violence in anne arundel county, is search continues for a man who robbed a bank. he held up the chevy chase bank branch. he's about 5- 8. if you have any information, call police. three people are behind bars charged with a brutal attack on a 12-year-old girl in baltimore county. police say the girl was rape at a roller rink in woodlawn. we have details on the investigation >> reporter: the suspects in this case are 24, 17 and 15
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years old. the young victim attacked inside a skating rink. wjz learns that 100 kids were inside the roller rink saturday night when a 24-year-old, a 14 year and a 15-year-old raped a 12-year-old girl around 11:30. the three suspects pulled the girl into a back storage room, held her down and took turns raping her. >> they were startled and thought someone was coming into the room. they fled from the room. >> reporter: the young girl found two officers who were working security that night and the suspects were quickly detained and now face first-degree rape charges the owner declined to talk about the case
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it's not the first time the popular skate -- rink has faced trouble. >> we want to make sure that we save off a problem before someone gets hurt. >> all three suspects are held without bail at the baltimore county detention center. the teenage suspects have been charged as adults search teams recovered the body of a cecil county man the 49-year-old went missing friday night after the boat he was driving crashed into a booy. they found his body near the crash site. they believe alcohol was a factor in the crash. a passenger in the boat was
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treated at shack trauma. wjz brought you a story about a pitbull whose nose had been severed before being dumped into a neighbor's yard. more on how rescue workers are trying to prevent it >> at the city animal shelter, there's one pitbull after another. the popularity of this breed for its strength or for dog fights has resulted in a massive overpopulation, strays on the treat street and they're abused >> if there's no one looking after the pet, unfortunately, that's an easy way to hurt something that is just there, it's hard to understand >> this pitbull with its nose
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cut off . it takes money, the clinic will do it for cost, teenagers who own them don't have the money or motivation. there's talk of educating that group >> talking to the schools, getting into the juvenile system, talking to the people that maybe offenders are just starting out. >> at the city shelter, there's a nursing mother and her pup. they had a litter of four puppies. you double their numbers, that's why we're having such a problem with the population of
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pitbulls. eyewitness news. it lists the cost and thousand arrange it the sun returned today bringing some heat and not as much humidity. we could get a break from the heat for a little while. we're live in the weather center with bernadette woods. >> beautiful out this, the sailboats enjoying the water. first warning doppler, finding the thunderstorms today across the parts of the state because that's where the front stall out. it's moving north and with it some heavy rain is coming. because of that, nude flood watch for tomorrow into tomorrow late for the areas we see -- shaded in green. there is a chance for heavy rain in these areas. the forecast coming up. thank you. still to come on wjz,
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toddlers drown. a south carolina mother confesses to killing her two young sons and faking an accident to cover it up u.s. news and world report out with the list of top colleges and universities in the u.s. wildfire -- another look outside, we should get a brief break from the heat but some heavy rain could come with it. details in the first warning forecast.
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head of the class, u.s. news and world report has a list rating higher education in the u.s mary joins us with a look at the big winners >> college students head back to class very soon. couldn't be better time for the rankings. >> the university prides itself on being one of the nation's leading catholic universities in the nation where faith and learning come together on the campus of 3700 undergraduates and now they can be proud of this. named as number three in the north region classification. >> i'm proud, makes you feel happy and like my parents are making a good investment. thank you mom and dad. >> everyone cares about the
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community and the school. it's a great place to be >> the father told me that the designation from u.s. news and world report will raise the university's profile for future students, for current students it enforces the mission. >> what parents want most for their daughters and sons is they they become happy and productive persons and these are the activities we offer here that are conducive of that outcome. they have the opportunity to look as it is and reflect on it and bring the information in and make a decision for themselves on how they're going to make a difference in the families and the professions and the broader world >> reporter: there's good news for johns hopkins ranked 13 overall. umbc up and coming schools.
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notre dame and baltimore finished 29th. denise k back to you. harvard was alone in first place as america's top university after sharing the honor with princeton last year. there's a new man in charge with the university college park. he takes over -- >> a facility expands and brings more job. they tour the fisher bio services. pat warren explains the state has a long way to go. >> what does a small business owner on market street have in common with a company that
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stores clinical trials >> my clients have lost their jobs and there has been some layoffs, that's slow down some of my regulars i still get more people that come in as walk-ins >> the walk through the facility points to an effort to keep people working and put more to work. >> it's rough. drawing unemployment and people out of luck. >> we have a long way to go. we have lost so many jobs, so many people hurting because of the long three-year recession. our unemployment has gone down to 7-point 1%, it's one of the lower rates among the states, if you're one of the moms or dads and worried about losing your house, all of those numbers
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don't mean much >> it's a move in that direction that represents is state's commitment to build a future in bio technology. >> the bio tech jobs expansion is met with enthusiasm here. folks can only hope it's a condition that spreads. reporting from frederick, now back to you on tv hill. >> there are more than 75 bio tech companies in frederick. i was thinking the dew points were lower and not as uncomfortable >> they have dropped off 10-15 degrees if yesterday. the temperatures did, it makes a huge difference. the heat index was in the hundreds, now it's in the 90s. dropping down to 89 degrees, all of those temperatures are taking a hit as a new round is ons way. ,,,
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now, complete forecast and the first warning of severe weather. a live look outside, it looks better than it feels but happy either way. >> a little bit of something for everyone. >> that is right. >> sunshine, if you like the warmth, you have it today too.
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if you don't either of those rains coming in for tomorrow. showing you doppler radar, the thunderstorms are along the front that is off to the south, it's stall off overnight. the front will drape itself back up to the north tomorrow as a new round of rain comes our way other than that, here's how it hooks not quite as humid as yesterday because they're just north of the front, the winds have turned around and we're back down into the 60s. overall, top out at 93 today, going below that tomorrow as the rain moves our way and coming if a low pressure system in here.
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it broke off from across the gulf and moving up and will meet up with the stalled-out front. it will be heavy at times. the general track is going to cut right across the atlantic incluing maryland. we have flood watches being posted they go into effect tomorrow and will continue until late tomorrow night and we have a chance for flooding rains. the rest of us getting in on the rain and probably where the heaviest is going to be. the storm comes in tomorrow and could break out by tomorrow morning and going to continue into thursday before the storm gets out of here. when it does, sunshine returns, it starts to dry out late thursday, but the sunshine returns for friday and when it does the temperatures are going back up. the forecast looks like this, the winds keep us cool. 10-15 knots, before it happens, 70 for the low. any thunderstorm will start to
6:26 pm
die down. the rain breaking out by tomorrow morning a the rain becoming heavy tomorrow. it will hold the high down the 77 degrees. now we will be in the 80s with some of the rain around on thursday, when it gets out, we warm it up for the end of the week into the 90s. back into summer. a touch of fall. >> thank you. >> still to come, a brazen attack, a gunman opens fire sending a college into lockdown. a federal judge strikes down a law to keep a group from picketing the funerals of military members. got bedbugs? be care of the how you get rei of them
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we'll hear from one young hopeful trying to make the team when we continue.
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from the cities to the
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counties to your neighbor. it's wjz maryland's news station it's 6:30, 89 degrees and mostly sunny. thank you for joining us. here's what people will be talking about tonight. we're learning more about mother in south carolina who has now confessed to killing her two young boys. the woman was reportedly overwhelmed with motherhood and money problems >> reporter: a bouquet of flowers marks the spot where she pushed the car in with the toddlers in their car seats >> there was a dispute between mother, she was fed up with her mother telling her she couldn't take care of the children or wasn't taking care of the children and she wanted to be free. >> reporter: she say she was unemploy and couldn't take care of the 18 month old and the 2-year-old.
6:31 pm
she has no history with police. >> this was not a hardened criminal this is a young lady in trouble. >> reporter: police say after fighting with her mother, she checked into this hotel and soft indicated the boys holding her hand over their mouths. police responsed to a call of children trapped in the car. she said it was an accident but her clothes were not wet and she walked a mile passing many houses along the way. >> she didn't show any remorse. at fist it seem similar to the susan smith case 16 years ago. another south carolina mother who rolled her car into the water killing her two boys in their car seats now she's charged with double murder and other 5-year-old is safe with the grandmother.
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police are looking for the father of the children who did not liver -- liver with them. a man pulls up in a pickup truck loaded with ammunition. how it unfolded >> police in mckinney say he sat the truck on fire and began shouting as the ammunition started to explode. the man fired at the officers. the gunman was shot and killed at the scene. there were no other casualties. mis -- police don't have a motive. however they say that he was the lone gunman at the scene. thank you. near by collin college was put on lockdown. there were no injuries. a federal judge ruled as a missouri law restricting protests near funerals is
6:33 pm
unconstitutional. it was in response to the protests, they rule the church that has right to stage the protest. some encouraging news from the gulf coast on the first day of the shrimping season in louisiana. sh -- they say it's been oil-free so far. louisiana ranks first in the nation in catching shrimp, blue crab, crawfish and oysters >> a bedbug infestation is climbing. >> reporter: bedbugs live on human blood. in it's a something a lot of people panic over and the first thing they want to do is get
6:34 pm
rid of them >> which is not easy >> because of they can hide, there's so many cracks in the home, it could take 4-12 months to control the population. >> reporter: even in the cleanest homes it takes extra effort >> we have to seal the vents off. >> it takes the right pesticide that has the state department warning people what the wrong ones can do >> poisoning yourself and your pets. >> warning against spraying an out door spray indoors. >> there could be some unlicense firms trying to get some quick money that a homeowner might hire and might not likely follow the labeled directions and follow the regulations >> reporter: using the wrong chemicals is the cure worse than the illness >> you could cause a greater problem than you had originally
6:35 pm
if you contaminate your home with chemicals. >> something to focus on if they show up. >> the state department of agriculture recommends they use a licensed pest control firm. a complete list can be found on the web site a quick look at some of the stories found tomorrow in the baltimore sun. a troubling trend among teenagers.
6:36 pm
like a typical teenager, the 17-year-old prefers his music mobile. he mugs his ear buds in for music on the go >> i try not to listen too loud but sometimes i do >> he's not thinking of the long-term effects. a new study finds one in five adolescents have hearing loss. the latest study didn't look at noise and hearing loss, research shows that loud music could put listeners at risk it's often subtle so most don't know when they have a problem. identifying the kids is critical. >> for different reasons. one is just possibly a different placement in a classroom, they may need to have hearing aids. >> many have been trying to get
6:37 pm
their kids to listen up for years. now they have evidence >> i'm not surprised because they're constantly connected to ipods, computers. >> if they don't adjust the volume now, the problems can be worse later. >> researchers found that more boys suffered hearing loss than girls. still to come on wjz news, deadly bombing, insurgents is iraq step up the attacks. all you can fly, jet fly will bring back the unlimited travel pass. for bob turk, putting together the five-day forecast. wjz is always on, here's the top stories on at this hour. for updates and the day's new
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answer the forecast any time, log onto ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the white house vows the push for democracy in iraq will not stop in the wake of a bomb
6:41 pm
that killed dozens. they targeted those who sign up for joining arm forces >>reporter: the men iraq were counting onto keep iraq safe. this man says they were registering our names when a bomb went off. a suicide bomber pretending to be an applicant sat for hours with hundreds of recruits and then set off the bomb, 61 people were kill. 100 others were injured. >> what is frustrating to wake up in the morning to hear about a bomb blast killing scores of people. everyone wants to know when it will end. that is what is difficult to predict. >> the white house insists it
6:42 pm
won't change president obama's plan for the future, he's ored all by 50,000 u.s. troops out of iraq by the end of this month. with that dead line approaching, the u.s. handed over another military base to iraqi forces >> the ceremony marks a historic moment. >> but the bloody spike is raising worries that they're not able to take control of their own security. july was the deadliest month since july of 2008 and now august is not offering much hope for a break in the bloodshed. >> an estimated one hundred men were hoping to be hired. the latest in the pakistan flood relief, helicopters are
6:43 pm
rescuing thousanding. they helped those stranded by the floods, so far they have killed 16,000 people leaving millions of others displaced. the -- in pakistan, people are still stranded on rooftops waiting for help. the government is accused of being too slow to help victims the crossover vehicles may have an issue with the second-row seat belt. gm says it affects the models of the chevy traverse. the company says the seat belts may be unable to latch same-sex marriages are on hold in california today. they have blocked gay marriage while they consider a ban on same-sex unions. a lower court judge issued a ruling that would have allow the marriages to resume tomorrow.
6:44 pm
but now they are on hold until the court hears the appeal the mysterious booms have caused alarms. it was two sonic booms created by u.s. fighter jets. the aircraft left the restricted area before the jets arrived. jet blue airlines is bringing back the all you can jet pass, it allows travelers to go to an unlimited amount of cities for $700 for a month. >> you have to call up a lot of friends in different cities >> you have to use it yourself. >> katie couric has a preview of the evening news >> can mortgage giants be
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fixed? that story and more tonight. here's a look at the closing numbers if wall street, we'll be right back. ♪ storyteller: little miss muffet sat on a tuffet, eating her curds and whey. along came a burglar who broke into her home, and ransacked the place making off with several valuable tuffets.
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heat and humidity, when will we get some relief? bernadette woods is in the first-warning weather center with a look at what to expect tomorrow and the five-day forecast. we're going the get relief tomorrow, but it's coming at a price, with rain. the forecast tomorrow, heading through the afternoon, tomorrow morning, the rain could be in place and then picking up through the day. rounds of heavy rain are possible. holding the high down to 77 degrees. it h pull away on thursday and bumping up to 34 degrees, drying out later thursday, by friday, sunshine back and up to 90 degrees when it happens and another storm moving our way, a chance for thunderstorms on sunday. thank you. still to come, the orioles continue to improve under the new manager. a live report from the
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ballpark. 9 ,,,,,, [ male announcer ] there are many vehicles that claim to be just as capable off-road as the jeep grand cherokee. but without triple-sealed doors, a raised air-intake system, or even a watertight drivetrain, just how far off-road are they talking about?
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sometimes the best stories have better endings that
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beginnings, right mark? >> reporter: that was case last night for sure. the magical touch of a new manager? the orioles have won 10 of the 14 games that he has been here. the game-winning run was score on a play the manager did not call. adam jones took it upon himself to put down a surprise bunt. seattle couldn't make a play and it capped a win. sometimes it's not all about the new manager. >> once buck came here, people think he's said something and sprinkled the magic all over us, we're just playing smatter, smatter -- smarter. >> kevin millwood will pitch
6:53 pm
tonight. the mariners geo with luke as their starter. first pitch about 15 minutes from now. baseball mourns the loss of bobby thompson. the shot heard around the world. thompson homered leading the giants to a pennant-winning victory over the dodgers he died at his home in savannah, georgia. he was 86 years old. football now, the final week of training camp for the ravens we've been tracking some of the young hopefuls who hope to make the team. prince miller stood out in the first preseason game with a punt return. he carry it 57 yards against the carolina panthers, he has a shot to make it on special teams and i asked him about overcoming
6:54 pm
his size, he's just 5- 8 in a big man's game >> i hear it my whole life growing up and one of my coaches told me a long time ago, you play with your head and your heart and play well and don't worry about the size. i can't say it doesn't matter. in some cases it does matter, for the most part when you play hard and know what you're doing, you come out on top >> i don't know if anyone has measured him. when he was running the ball back >> you want to come out and perform well and those guys being a player, it just forces you to play well. they demand a lot. i just come out and play as hard as i can. >> ravens defensive tackle back at practice after suffering an arm injury. he's due for an exam after a back injury yesterday.
6:55 pm
other news, he's always in the news speaking of brett favre, the vikings quarterback left his home to join his teammates in minnesota. there's been no announcement yet, but his travel is interpreted as a sign that favre will play his 20th season this year. still waiting official word in the on-going favre drama. orioles, mariners, highlights of tonight's game tonight at 11:00. we'll be right back. ,,
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that's it for us tonight, we'll be back at 11:00 >> thank you for joining us on wjz. more ahead on the evening news with katie couric. that's
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>> hill: to want, former illinois governor rod blagojevich is found guilty of lying to federal agents. i'm erica hill, also tonight, shootout at a police station. a gunman exchanges fires with officers in suburban dallas, his motive: a mystery. are teenagers paying a price for their love of loud music? a major rise in hearing loss. and heads up, the hat is making a comeback. captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news world headquarters in new york, this is the "cbs evening news" with katie couric. >> hill: good evening, katie the on assignment overseas. we begin with late-breaking news from chicago where former illinois governor rod blagojevich was convicted today of lying to federal agents. he could get five years if prison for that. but after 14 days of deliberations, the jury could not reach a verdict on 23 other corruption charges. among them: fraud, conspiracy,


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